Spring outfits (two colors)

Less is more. I started with this quote because I find it underrated and unknown. If my previous post was about floral prints and many colors combined, now I`m going simple, with a fine classy cut and just two colors. If you are not good with mixing colors, wear something simple, don`t turn yourself into a clown. I know that the limits are less restrictive and creativity is very appreciated, but take a second look, you are not Lady Gaga, if something doesn`t fit in your outfit, change it! Don`t expect to walk on the streets and be the revelation of today`s fashion. Simple is great, just because it`s starting to be rare.

Bow skirt / £28.00

Cotton top / £14.00

Boyfriend blazer / £55.00

Wedges / £60.00

Clutch / £45.00