Please, don`t !

Some celebrities just don`t know how to make the front page.. in a bad way. Britney Spears is the professional disaster regarding negative news or pictures of her, making a fool of herself with almost every public appearance. It wasn`t an one time thing, she`s used to this kind of advertising since she shaved her hair. Well, I don`t know what she`s on, but it must be something really bad, making her look like crap all the time.. embarrassing.

At least we know what Lindsay Lohan is on. We can see it in her shoes, while she`s enjoying the nightlife.

The greatest don`t, in copying someone, is Megan Fox. I remember seeing a few pictures of her since she was a teenager and she was really different. Not uglier, just different. Please don`t give me stupid arguments like “people change” and watch Mean Girls and see the difference. She`s hot there, but not in the way we see her today. I think Megan Fox goes to her plastic surgeon with Angelina Jolie`s pictures and asked him to transform her. Jolie may be an inspiration, but let`s copy her charitable actions, not her looks. She`s beautiful, I know, but what kind of personality does Megan have if she`s trying so hard to be someone else.

Oh, dear! Mariah Carey topic. I really love her songs and her special voice was always appreciated, but her looks were only in the 90s. I`m not criticizing her for not being a size 0, I`m criticizing her for acting and dressing like she was a size 0. Please, Mariah, you are great, but don`t make a fool of yourself dressing like that. You don`t have the body structure or the age to do it. In Romania we have Giulia Nahmany. She`s a singer ( not that good if you ask me ) and owns a make-up academy or something. Well, she`s a bit chubby, but she`s always wearing tight dresses or skinny jeans. That`s a big DON`T! Lose weight or dress in a way your body looks good. If you squeeze yourself in a tight dress you will not look skinnier, you`ll look lame.

In the end I give you the couples. An American one – Heidi & Spencer and a couple from Romania – Smiley & Laura Cosoi. Both couples are too “sweet” for me, they seem to live and love for the audience. What`s with all the advertising? We all know what is like to have someone, but we don`t feel the need to go on different shows and declare our love, to send to publications pictures from holidays or any other private events. While Heidi and Spencer became famous because of a reality show, The Hills, Laura and Smiley were already famous in Romania, that`s why I don`t get the need of excessive show off.