Cocktail party tonight

Let’s say you are going to sort of a cocktail party and you really don’t know what you could wear. You don’t want to be overdressed, but you don’t like being to casual either. So I came up with three outfits in vogue this season. The first one has a tight navy blue dress, a red clutch and matching red wedges with lots of laces and a necklace with big shoulders attached.

The second outfit could be described as classy and simple, the dress being the central piece; it’s color matches a tanned skin and golden accessories, like the necklace I added. The nude heels and the black handbag are the final pieces that mix this cocktail outfit.

I think that the previous outfits were sexy and classy at the same time, but I wanted to use another popular trend: Boho. So this last outfit is more colorful, the floral printed skirt being the piece that’s more noticeable, the bracelet and the clutch matches the colors of the whole outfit, being linked to the skirt by those orange spots. The nude top and sandals balances the colors of the outfit, but the blue jeans jacket highlights the boho influence.

All the outfits have a watch, because at 22:00 there’s a Cocktail party, with sax live music and more; you wouldn’t wanna be late, in the Gang lounge & cafe.