With all the actual trends we keep on forgetting some cool stuff, like POP ART. Summer is days away and colored clothes are the season`s trade mark. While we are invaded by pastels and cute boho shades, I searched for something that stands for boldness, creativity and bright colors. The POP ART culture has more fields of interest, but I will discuss that in some other future posts just to clarify that it was not as shallow as many claim.

Now let`s get back to clothes, accessories and other fashion related topics.

I found this cute Mango t-shirt and I think the Pull&Bear shorts will work with it,  perhaps with some Aldo platform sandals, just to avoid Converse shoes and a much too casual outfit.  To complete the look I think this plastic Mango bangle and the funny Asos Watermelon bag are perfect for my POP ART idea and I`ll have to add one more thing, the Limited Edition Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.