The Fountain, PS I love you, Edward Scissorhands

When it comes to movies, I have to admit I love DRAMA. The one that captures the essence of life itself, the actors that make any gesture really significant and the lines that can make you cry for hours and leave you thinking about their meaning.. that`s true drama. The movie that creates those effects for me is The Fountain. I’ve seen it right before the New Year`s Eve, a friend told me about it and I enjoyed every second of it. The set, the actors (I adore Hugh Jackman for his acting skills) and the story are just life changing; it all made me figure some stuff out and discover the strength when someone`s weak. I saw this movie so many times and captured the meaning combined with some ideas I had about life and what happens beyond, making me think about many things, actions and things I used to say. Although I haven`t had the chance to read the book, I appreciated PS: I love you. The whole story, so sad and touching, Hillary Swank`s acting making me cry so many times, the songs and the hilarious lines were great and made me see that movie over and over again, enjoying it every time more! The movie that made me fall in love with Johnny Depp is Edward Scissorhands; I`ve seen it first time when I was little, but seeing it again made me understand and look at things differently (obvious). The wonderful Tim Burton`s ideas and the dramatic faith of a lab-created human are truly the ingredients that made this movie absolutely great. The whole look that Johnny used to have playing Edward became an icon, reminding me actually of Vincent (the original Tim Burton`s character for his deepest thoughts, an alter-ego). Of course I was impressed by other movies as well, but these were the first I thought about.