1st year, 1st Contest

This is the first contest I`m creating, so all the details are not ready yet; however my birthday is approaching and judgmental thoughts are not allowed, only happiness and the best wishes. But the birthday of SashaLondon is more about you, the reader. on the 1st of August one of you will celebrate with a gift (the prize will not be revealed yet, participate for the fun not for a prize, it will be something significant I can assure you anyway).
1: Send a description of your best friend at sasha.london@rocketmail.com or leave a comment on this post.
2: The whole idea of my blog is related to this juicy strawberry, so imagine your best friend is a fruit and use that in your description highlighting the qualities of the fruit that you see in her/him too.
3: Please specify the age and gender for you and your best friend. If you win, I`ll ask for more details.
4: The competition will last until the 1st of August and in the following days the winner will be announced.
Now I`m off to solve something about a part of the prize, don`t worry, I`ll show it to you by the end of the contest and it will be worth it 🙂