Red Carpet MTV

I was totally not interested in this year`s VMAs, perhaps maybe because I`m not 15 anymore and the whole show is boring due to the artists I`m no longer familiar with. So I searched some pictures (all pictures credit here) and I laughed mostly, but I`ve found some OK artists as well. I`ll start with the good news first, the people I did admire.

Could Deadmau5 be cooler than this? I love his marketing strategy and how he made himself a brand due to that big mask.. well I love his music too and his performance in Bucharest ruled. I`ll search for the VMA set or whatever he did there (except taking money) because I`m curious how could he blend in with all those “artists”.

I started with the freaks, hell yeah!! I can`t stand Lady Gaga, everybody knows that, but I have to give her the credits for this prehistoric – medieval appearance and her unique style.

Ciara is so beautiful and I always admired her body, so thanks for showing you`re working hard to look like this!! The dress is gorgeous, I would have picked different shoes, perhaps an Alexander McQueen pair, for some freak-level effect, but it`s okay.

Jared Leto looks so great with that blond hair, I love his rockish attitude and those clothes. He has another element I`m obsessed with : the boots.

Usher has a great outfit, love the scarf and the boots. I`m not sure about the sunglasses, but it`s OK as a whole. I don`t know who the lesbian sitting next to him is, but “she”`s dressed like a wannabe (what`s with that bling?)

Penn Badgley has boots as well and the leather jacket really completes the whole rock`n`roll look that I admire so much.

Here we go to the fun part, where we can make fun of all those celebrities that can afford stylists but still look like crap. Kudos to that.

Katy Perry looks like a doll, like a ballerina, like a stupid ass with that hair. What`s wrong with you? Are you 15 and emo? That was cool a decade ago, now she`s trying to be soft with that nude dress (that I like) and wild with those highlights. FAIL

Ne-yo looks like a Bronx blind pimp. What is wrong with you, guys? Not even R.Kelly would go out like that because he knows baby blue will not attract under aged.

Oh I`m sorry. Now I understand Ne-yo`s outfit, being Ke$ha`s pimp it`s okay to arrive on the red carpet like that. They were looking for new clients, but with that hair I have my doubts they tricked anyone.

I had no idea they have Ken Blade and his Barbie prostitute action figures. Congratulations on your futuristic look,