Be me. Guns`n`Roses style

If you wanna be rich, you gotta be a bitch. If you wanna be free, you gotta be like me. Well some lyrics invented by me (OK OK the first line is stolen) pointing the girls that promote their own style and think people should dress like them, wear the same make-up, act like them. Fuck off, I have my own personality thank you, I do not obey, I do not wear uniforms. So every rock`n`roll chick has to be chic as well and every Guns`n`Roses fan has to wear something reminding of their favorite band. This is my style, my suggestion, just to brag actually :))

Guns`n`Roses dress – £35.00 , Denim jacket – £34.99 , Leather Vest – £274.99 , Shoes – $49.99 , Leopard print bracelet – $9.99 , Scarf – £16.99

Since I found out that the Balenciaga bag is no longer available, I found this one as an alternative for $42.00 and the bracelet is no longer in stock either and I loved it because it looks like the one in the picture, but I have this suggestion from Fossil for $32.00.