Hosiery – lust & class

Hosiery, thigh highs (US term) or hold-ups (UK term) are the names of a clothing article for women. The common term may be tights as well, but this includes a different category as well and I will refer only at the symbol of lust, sexiness and class. May sound strange, but a woman with the proper attitude can be classy and extremely sexy wearing the right hosiery. Every man loves to see a woman wearing that item, every woman loves to highlight her legs better with a pair. Well I found some interesting items, both tights and hold-ups.

You can purchase any of the following:

Stay-ups – £ 22,00

Tights – £ 18,00

Tights – £ 22,00

Tights – £ 34,00

Stay-ups – £ 34,00

Lightning bolt tights – £ 8,00 , Rose lace tights – £ 12,00

The Romantic childish type..

You can purchase any of the following:

Knee-highs – £ 19,00

Both tights – £ 6,99

The wild ones..

Slashed tights – £ 10,00