Cowboy look

I`m not quite familiar with the trends this fall and I mean I haven`s surfed the stores lately to see what everyone will wear from Zara, Bershka, Mango, etc. but I remember that the last Fall everyone was into boho – cowboy looks and I kept my rock`n`roll idea of an outfit. But that`s not the point now, I`m really interested in those cool boots, I think Zara had them two seasons ago (I am so living in the past), I think I`ll buy a denim jacket, even though I`m not a jeans fan.
Those three look I`m about to post here have in common the boots, the jeans and the denim jacket. I changed the tops and the bags. Well there are some other common items (watch & bracelet) but they`re not that visible anyways. So my idea was how to transform that boho – cowboy look into something wearable, without changing too many items (it`s a recession).
The first look I think works for school, college, going out with friends. It has a Manoush necklace as well and a very pretty Mulberry bag. The second outfit has that gorgeous Jimmy Choo bag and I find the whole look appropriate for a date. The last outfit has a Ralph Lauren bag and a really cool t-shirt and can be worn in the club perhaps. Well maybe the bags I recommended aren`t exactly recession-friendly, but they are gorgeous and can be only your inspiration source.

(click on the image to see it better)