Best dressed

Instead of making a new album on Facebook, I thought I should pick Thursday`s best dressed ladies and post the pictures here. This new category only applies to the party “Don`t tell your boyfriend” from The Gang, the link will lead you to the next party and you can RSVP but the pictures are from 14 October.

(left) I like the simple colors you used and the way your tan highlight the shoes. It`s a clean classy look, congrats.
(center) The bohemian dress and the leather jacket are my favorite. You matched the color of the jacket with your boots, you could have been bolder, but you choose a clean look as well. I appreciate your hairdo, really works with your outfit and smile.
(right) Black boots and skinny jeans, the perfect choice to highlight the top and the necklace! The red clutch is the best option for your entire look. Love it!

(left) Geekish glasses, boyfriend jeans.. do I need to really write what I love more from your look? I truly appreciate your large top and cardigan, they really make your outfit more relaxed and the high heels balance that, making your entire aspect great.
(right) I like your all black look, the hold ups are really in this season, so is the strappy clutch.

These are the two looks I like best from this album, being all dressed up like the.. boyfriends. Well great job, ladies, you really amazed me with your attitude.

(left) It`s all about the NUDE. Lovely light dress accessorized with that masculine vest. I like the contrast of styles and the white & nude combination.
(right) Washed up jeans and a larger vest than your friend`s, a perfect choice for your tighter outfit. I`m glad to see that “cat woman” tight obsession is gone.

(left) The strapless ruffled dress looks great on you and the hairdo completes your look. Simple and great.
(center) If that`s your natural hair color, I hate you (kidding, it`s great). I`m really happy to see less accessories in this kind of outfits. I guess I`m used to see the worst, but your over-sized shoulders dress needs no more than what you put on. Congratulations!
(right) I know she`s in the back, but I couldn`t help noticing her ruffled dress, really cute and childish.

Keesha`s jumpsuit rocks! The fabric just shapes her beautifully and the way she highlighted the waist with that leopard printed scarf, making it the central piece of her outfit is really a sign of good taste.

(left) The short printed dress looks great with that over-sized vest, bringing out her legs. I`m not sure about the golden watch, but it`s barely noticeable anyway.
(right) Oh hold ups again, I like them! The belts on that large nude dress makes all the outfit worth it plus those big earrings that complete the look.

(left) Is that your boyfriend`s shirt? If so, you really know how to steal and match both feminine and masculine clothes. The shorts and the boots are perfect for your cowboy style, but the glasses take you to the hipster side (combined with that shirt). I like your multiple bracelets on the left hand.
(right) There`s a closer view for the jumpsuit.