Best dressed

Another week, another edition of “Don`t tell your boyfriend“. I`ve spotted a few really cool outfits and here they are. I can`t wait to see the girls tonight and hopefully I`ll have more to post next week. See you in The Gang, ladies.


Mirela I don`t know where to start.. The vintage shoes and the boyfriend jeans, the Rolling Stones t-shirt, the long cardigan or the flower printed belt. I have nothing to add by describing this outfit, it speaks for itself. A bit of everything with the right measure. Have you seen the scarf holding her hair? Isn`t it great?


Left Just my kind of look, really rock`n`roll with the leather jacket and that studded belts, I like the baggy pants as well.
Right This is a really simple all black outfit, nothing can go wrong. I would change the hairdo and the lipstick.. you tried to give your look some color and choose the lips, but that color is terrible, a printed top would go better with your entire look.


Left Classy. It`s the only thing that comes to my mind seeing her. I love the nails, the color is the link to her age, not ruining the look. The top tucked into the pants, the beautiful shoes, I saw in other pictures some big rings, this is a really beautiful outfit. Congratulations.
Right I`m not a fan of your shoes or the tights, but let`s say I like your dress enough and it compensates. The hairdo is really cute and I`m sure you`ll amaze me next time even more.


Left Really cool hair color, very appropriate with the season and it lightens up your figure. The flowers printed top and the matched clutch are the central pieces of your look, combined with those brown pants and the jacket. It`s okay you limited the colors for the rest of the items, nice job.
Right I really like the nude jacket with the blue jeans. I`m not sure about the printed t-shirt, I can`t see it well, a simple top would have been my choice, but as a whole it looks good.


A really fresh appearance with all the colors reminding of the Summer outfits. I really like the simple items and how the colors work together, I have one objection. The hair must look good as well completing the outfit.