Best Dressed

I found a few interesting outfits this week in the “Don`t tell your boyfriend” album from The Gang so I`ve decided to create a new post about it. I was pretty disappointed the last week when I couldn`t find anything pretty, only a few items but not the whole look. So don`t forget to RSVP this week`s event and to wear high heels (kinda` mandatory for a lady).

I really like the pants and the boots. A ripped rock`n`roll top would have been my choice, but this works as well.


There she goes again, with her blue flowers printed dress and brown boots. She`ll have to pay me for this advertising, or I should pay her for being damn best dressed all the time 🙂


Both are my style, very rockish and yet feminine.
Left Try a simple lip gloss because your eyes are really well highlighted, that`s the only “bad” thing I have to say. The hair, the jacket, the printed t-shirt and the tights look great on you. Lovely clutch, in a true opposition with your outfit.
Right I have to start with the one thing I don`t like about your look, the earrings. Throw them away, you can`t ruin your look with those things. I like the skirt and the top, really my style as I said before, but nothing says rock`n`roll like the studded bag.


Nude nude nude, oh I`ve been waiting for some nude outfits for so long 🙂 Even though I`m not sure about each item particularly, as a whole they look really good. The girl in the right has really cute shoes, very retro, great job.