Friday I`m in love..

..with some blogs, pictures, words. I surf from time to time my blogroll and some other fashion related blogs, I search for pictures here and sometimes I like to gather all the stuff I like in one place. So here it is, my Friday`s guilty sin next to my cigarettes.

A glimpse of style on Jak & Jil blog with the Celine bags and all that vintage and iconic features.

I keep on showing you all that leather and rock`n`roll outfits, I just can`t help it, I`m in love with this biker alike jacket and the sophisticated details, like the feminine tailoring. Jak & Jil`s credit as well.

This picture is perfect. The whole set, the painting, the bike, the fall`s sunlight and the yellow leaves make this whole picture perfect, highlighting the girl`s outfit. Caroline`s outfit to be more specific. The northern hairdo and the clothing make me wanna move in Copenhagen, just to see all those beautiful features (well, Paris and London have great competitors regarding street fashion).

On Copenhagen street style I found Elinor as well. The bag made my crave for something similar and the outfit, with it`s simple colors means a big deal for me, being a fan of styles mixture and classic things. You`ll find one more picture on the website with some really great sunglasses (the ones that Elinor holds in her hand) and some other beautiful outfits.

A small article reminding me of some vintage shops I visited in Paris and a pink Lolita (with a pair of beautiful vintage alike sunglasses by Ray-Ban), on Garance Dore.

Oh what`s not to like on The Sartorialist? I choose this simple outfit, but I loved the attitude and the hat

We`ll just surf back North and see another pair of sunglasses (I`m a fan already), another cool hat and an inspiring outfit (see the whole look on The Streethearts).