Best Dressed

Good girls go to Heaven, bad girls go to The Gang and they better wear their best outfits to be part of this category next week, so attend and check online the Don`t tell your boyfriend party and on Thursday gather all your girlfriends, wear something spectacular and party.

The red lips ladies really know how to combine their styles and look ravishing.
Left The large gray t-shirt and the blazer work together perfectly, adding the rock`n`roll bangles and the bag, we have a cool outfit featuring the classic blue jeans.
Right A corset and the over sized shoulders army blazer are in opposition, highlighting your figure excellent. I saw in other pictures that your wear tights, keeping the big stuff for the upper part of the body. You could loose the earrings though.


Unique couple
Left Reminding me of Agynes Deyn with her unique hairdo and the 80s denim vest, this girl really knows who to impress. The simple white top and the black ripped jeans only complete her bad ass chick look. Really great!
Right Something natural like her wavy hair and the boyfriend shirt alike, make her a great choice for this post, being herself in a comfortable outfit.


They were in the same picture, but I cropped a few of their friends, sorry for the bad quality.
Left Lovely hairdo and red lips, matching the long blazer, being a 90s look completed with that big pendant. Just lovely.
Right A pretty simple classic look, standing up with the fine cuts of the nude top, the masculine blazer, completed with a pair of skinny jeans and a geometrical printed clutch.


A cute and colored version of a rock`n`roll outfit, with the printed t-shirt and colored nails, a multi chains necklace and leather pants.


Leather skirts ladies
Left A gorgeous necklace, all highlighted by the snake printed leather skirt. The Best way to wear that shirt, in a great combination like this, style and nothing more.
Right I don`t know if I should start with what I like best or what I don`t like, but I`ll save the sweetness for the end. Those big nails (and that colour) are inappropriate with your outfit and so are those bangles (their colour actually). Look are you, being all great with that bow black top and the leather skirt, they are enough for your outfit, don`t ruin it with some wrong details.