I MAY be back

You know that feeling when you think your life is boring, you`re constantly doing the same things over and over again, you see the same people and you get to the same places? When even though it`s spring, you feel too cold and if your routine was a piece of clothing, it would be a grey old fashioned trench with no special design?
Well this is how I feel now and I`m wondering what to do next to really enjoy my spring. I started watching some old girly movies and got inspired by the outfits, the places, their drama and then it hit me. I`m not going to lecture about some cliches like my lifestyle isn`t that bad, at least I have a social life and there are people doing much worse. I aim higher and I do not agree with this rules even though I`m aware of them.
So I`m going to make room for new clothes in my dressing because lately I`ve been obsessed with just a few items, I`m going to select some things from a few websites and I`m willing to hunt some stores (vintage as well, if you have any suggestions for me, please share). Clothes aren`t just something to put on when you`re cold, they make a statement about you, they reveal your mood and you if wear an old grey trench it means your self esteem isn`t doing that great either. So I will pick a few colorful outfits, I already saw a pair of great nude high heels with a floral pattern on the platform at Aldo`s and I`m going to redesign my mood, not letting it to rule me.
Even though I have a limited budget and I can`t afford everything right now or designers clothes, I`m sure I`ll make a good job and it will make me happy.
I`ll show you my “most wanted” items and some are just too expensive and perhaps they`ll remain on my wish list for a long time (infinite), but screen-shopping and seeing beautiful things sometimes makes me feel better when reality sucks.

Hot red dress / £40.00

Floral dress / £39.00

Salad blue dress / £22.00

Star printed dress / £17.00

UK flag leggings (I`ll fucking buy `em ASAP) / £35.00

Yellow top / £12.00

Large top / £49.00

Jumpsuit / £180.00

Bracelet / £35.00

Malvensky charm bracelet / Ron 100 (you can order them at comenzi@malvensky.ro)

Peep toe pumps / $70.00

Floral print pumps / $100.00