Street style

A few years ago I was watching some TV shows, reading some magazines and surfing a few websites and blogs. I`m still doing this, except for the TV part because nothing has my attention anymore and I rather leave it on just for the music on FTV and the History`s documentaries, but that`s not the important thing now.. My concern back then was why people dress better in other countries and when I take a walk on the streets of Bucharest, I`m horrified. Being in Paris really reminded me what a history filled of civilization, class and high standards sums for the average citizen; style.

But now I see many cool people in Bucharest as well, very hype, mixing well the clothes and the accessories..looking just like the window-models from H&M or Zara or perhaps like some fans of a Berlin or Barcelona subculture, without having the same history to back up their appearance.

People here just copy stuff they see outside and perhaps it`s better than to see them in sweat pants and shiny t-shirts, but where does that put us? We aren`t able to create something as a society and we can only “borrow” from others, not understanding the whole concept. I don`t claim to be a trend setter, I`m not, no one should be, everyone should wear what they think it`s best and what they`re comfortable in. I`m not saying that suggestions aren`t appropriate or inspirations are forbidden, but adapt them to yourselves.
I mix and match things as I feel and I`m not sure I want everyone to dress like me or to buy a complete outfit that I suggest here, only because it looks nice.