Today I want..

To pack some clothes and drive (well I don`t have a driver license, but it`s my dream, ok?!) wearing some junkie clothes..

..arriving at the airport to catch the London flight..

..where I would enjoy every moment of the trip, including getting an elephant tattoo and an Alexander McQueen clutch..

..after that I`d put some high heels..

..and this outfit from the Murmur collection..

..or maybe this one, also from Andreea Badala`s Murmur collection..

..anyways I`d buy some tulips and enjoy a delicious coffee..

..with a cigar..

..I think this would be enough for me today, but being back to reality I`d wear my Accessorize underwear and my H&M rings and some random clothes..

..and go to a cute place with comfortable pillows..

..just to read a book..

..and listen to some music..

..but the important thing is that everything I wish for, I`m able to make it happen. I`m sure of that and the images for every step I`d take are just a reminder for myself that I want little things, more than the expensive stuff and with the right attitude I will start being who I want to be (not wanting to sound like a 10 steps to achieve your dreams shit, I ruined my idea and made it cheesy, but anyway I`m optimistic now).