The heat leads us to the pools and the swimsuit is not enough anymore, all the accessories will reveal more about our taste in fashion, our style and our mood. Let`s be honest, no one should wear extra items  or makeup at the pool, but nowadays that place isn`t just for swimming and getting a tan, it`s a social place with many other features like a cocktail bar, a terrace and so on.

The body types are irrelevant because everyone looks different even thought they are wearing the same bikini and bra and style isn`t just for the supermodels or skinny girls, everyone can look great and have an impact with the right attitude and outfit. Looklet has only a limited number of models for the showroom and they don`t represent the majority of women, but the looks represent more than that skinny figure.

I`ve selected the swimsuits, jewelery and the other items to show three styles:

Retro – Funky