Going out

I thought I should recommend you a few places to go for a drink, for a meal or just to hang out. These are the places I like to go for different services or products, for the atmosphere, the music and the design.. places I feel good in and perhaps you`ll enjoy them as well.
First I`d like to start with the coffee place I like the most, even if it`s a cliche it does have the best coffee and the one I like best is located near the Government in the Victoria Square. The cozy sofas and the occidental atmosphere in that specific design makes Starbucks my favorite place to enjoy a mocha grande. The location offers a great view and a terrace for the smokers. The sweets and the variety of coffee types are the high points for Starbucks.

Location : Bd. Nicolae Titulescu  no 4-8  Bucharest

Phone : +40752281205

The place with delicious Asian Fusion cuisine, a great design and a rather comfortable atmosphere is The Gang restaurant & lounge. The location has an unique architecture, SoHo alike with the central piece: the bar filled with green apples making the place look stunning, starting in the back as a lounge, in the middle the restaurant and in the front a terrace. The delicious courses are prepared by two Nepali chefs and the ice teas are very refreshing. The menu has a variety of Asian specialties where you can choose from soups, chicken, beef, lamb, duck, all sort of sea food & fish courses and vegetarian dishes as well.

Location : Calea Floreasca 111 – 113

Phone : +40721512291

I`m not a fan of the historical part of Bucharest because is crowded and the bars & bubs are not my type, but only one is worth going there, Grand Cafe Van Gogh. Its architecture is very overwhelming with a high ceiling, minimalistic furniture and bohemian terrace. I find this place very comfortable to have a coffee,read a magazine and meanwhile watch the people walking or just talking with with your friends over a glass of wine.

Location : Strada Smardan 9

Phone : 0311079371