November 1st

A beautiful collection of thing I want this Thursday, not because it`s the first day of the last month of Fall, just because I feel changed. I want to give more and be happier (not the “pink, glitter, listening to shitty music” happy). So all I want is some honey & bread with a cup of tea to remind me of when I was little and had this delicious sweet breakfast . I want a cigarette.. actually my pack is empty and I’m craving for one right now. I want to pet my cat (I only have his dog near to satisfy my petting obsession, so Sasha will do just fine). I want to buy flowers and give it to someone. I want those cool leggings with bones & great graphic stuff on it. And I want to GIVE more love, understanding & good thoughts. Sounds cheesy? I’m getting tired of being the bad one, so I’m trying this new attitude while it lasts..