Wear something you like, not something you need

Today I started thinking about this and I’m a bit confused, I kinda have arguments for both sides.

First of all we have to wear something we need, we can’t go out in a blazer when it’s freezing outside. We can’t wear high heels when it snows really bad. We can’t wear sunglasses at night. This is common sense, everyone knows this things, but being an outcast could make you look ridiculous.. or brilliant. Actually the situation is really simple:

1. You want to feel comfortable

If comfortable for you means a big sweater on winter, with no jacket, it’s all good. You’ll have to worry about your health, but that only concerns you. If that’s what makes you happy in that particular moment, wear it, don’t let the cold or what people think you should wear affect you. It’s all about feeling good with yourself.

Comfortable means feeling good with your outfit, feeling cozy.. but don’t take this “rule” to the extreme, wearing a short top when it’s freezing outside makes you look like a tramp. And high heels when it snows aren’t the best choice, even if you have a great balance (I don’t know really how comfortable high heels can be in this situation) . You’d probably just make a fool of yourself. You still have to obey a few social guidance lines.

2. You want to look great

Wearing a glamorous dress even if it’s not a specific event, can be quite awesome. Imagine seeing women on the streets with great dresses (not the silk alike / wedding type ones).. it would look like fairies took over the town or there’s something interesting going on and you’ve never heard of it. Makes you curious where are they going and why are they wearing fancy dresses. Being overdressed only for your personal reasons is understandable, because picking something to wear, choosing an outfit makes us in control on this particular feature in our lives.

High heels (my obsession today apparently) at a rave party.. well if you feel comfortable wearing it while stepping on broken glasses and different kind of stuff, it’s all good. You wanna look sexy, you feel confident by wearing high heels and the place doesn’t offer the proper floor for it, go ahead, it’s your choice, I don’t think it’s ridiculous if you feel great.

3. You want to wear something that highlights your mood/personality

Don’t  wear clothes that aren’t right for you, that don’t fit you, just wear something that speaks about you, some outfits that really stand for your personality and your mood. Better be an outcast and feel good about yourself, than another sheep in the crowd.

And if the black tie is mandatory, sure it’s common sense to obey, but if you are forced by the place/party/event to wear something that doesn’t look right on you or doesn’t complete your attitude, just do the opposite and stand out.