You are free to do what they tell you

I’m not going to debate some “life changing” facts, I’m not trying to “enlighten” you and definitely my purpose is not  to create more rules for anyone to follow, when we are forced to obey so many in this free world.

First of all, I’m a huge fan of stereotypes. This may seem surprising, but due to the speed of our evolution and the number of thing we have to do within a day, this may be a solution. Well it stands right for me.. I chose to interact with a few people that are in my positive criteria list, this is the only way I can save time and energy. It may look shallow, but again, our time is limited and so are our resources. If I’m the one discriminated and bad talked, it’s all good, I probably wouldn’t like that person either. All fair and square, “Nothing personal, I don’t like anybody”.

(this picture doesn’t represent my beliefs, just highlighting the common stereotypes)

On the other hand, I really hate the path society builds for us, trying to make us the same. We are NOT equal, we do NOT have the same needs, the same body type, the same taste in arts/music/fashion/movies, we do NOT have the same intellectual capacity, we do NOT have the same idea of comfort and so on. We are DIFFERENT and that’s the beauty of life. Diversity on the highest levels, races, sexual choices, needs. We are not Stormtroopers, we can’t be the same because we are built differently.

(No more cliches, just showing what I mean through the two fashion icons)

So the media is promoting the same things:

Eat healthy (what is healthy nowadays anyway? the vegetables with all kind of growing substances, the animals injected with grow hormones? oh right, the bio food that costs 3 times more that the average one – how convenient)


Stay in shape (we will give you so many options to get you fat, you don’t even have time to make your own meal, but still you have to pay for that gym subscription and run in a room on some machines – kinda reminds you of the little hamsters, doesn’t it?)


Obey the trends (so what if you can do a much better job with a low budget, if you don’t have the latest Louboutins or Chanel bag, you’re worthless, how can you call yourself a fashion lover if you haven’t payed a crazy big amount on a designer’s item?)


Lose all the beliefs (if you’re a woman, don’t fall in love, just build a career and never get married because it’s too cheesy and old fashioned, the planet is already over capacity, why would you wanna have a child? just work, pay your taxes and make your government happy. if you’re a man, just take advantage of women’s rule and be a playboy, don’t be a romantic or else others will say you’re a pussy. just work harder, fuck more and pay your taxes)


Be the sweet peaceful person (..that the system loves. just do anything you’re told too. don’t think too much, this might hurt your cute little face with wrinkles or your freedom – thanks to ACTA. criticize the people that support something, the ones that go out in the streets to shout their rights. YOUR rights. make love not war, get fucked and stay quiet)

My conclusion is the following: Surround yourself with people you like, not people you have to impress and take good care of your health, don’t try to fit in a 0 size dress if your body type is just different. I’m not saying you should be fat, just enjoy the good things, exercise in a park and do it out of fun. Wear things that make you happy and reflect your personality, is not worth it to wear high heels if you can’t enjoy the time in it. React if you don’t agree with someone, be competitive and always stay informed.  Fall in love and start a family. Or not. It’s all up to you, don’t waste your time on worthless things that you will regret later. Obey the rules or be the different person you were born to be. Just know that you can still change something; don’t wake up when it’s too late.

These are not rules, these are options.. reminding me of Trainspotting .