Studded-Mania – episode 1

When it comes to trends, some come and never fade away. Time reveals that studs – the trade mark of the Punk subculture – are always a big and important wing of the rebel fashion, but more interesting is how you can now combine the heavy look with a romantic feature, such as silk or lace.

I’m not going to act all hipster-ish and claim how I was always the rock type and how leather, studded items and skulls were my whole life when it came to outfits. Seriously, I was – now I’m putting my geek glasses on and start listening to DJ Vadim as I made a hipster anti-hipster joke in a sarcastic way – and I still prefer this style; I love black clothes and studded things – don’t think dirty, please -.



So as I was talking to my precious friend last night over the phone about the studded shoes I showed her and her initiative to add studs all over her clothing items, I remembered it was hard so I will search for fun & simple ways to do that at home. Well the most important thing is to buy some spikes that won’t get rusty in time and I’m not quite sure where I can find it.. also it’s mandatory – I guess – to have sort of a machinery for the actual stitching process or something.



As you can see, there is no limit to the number of spikes, the places to add it or the fabric, it’s all about the imagination. I will conduct a proper research and give you solutions for your custom studded clothes. Also I will present you some studded items – cheap&chic, designer’s – and places to find it. Until then sting everything!