I’m not a morning person

The title – my statement, my lifestyle for the last few years, my excuse. And I kept sticking to it. Always being late, never could get up in the morning, breakfast was not an option, coffee was good at any time and the night was my best friend. Everyone who knew me could add more definitions to my “I’m not a morning person” guideline.

My job for the past two years kept me awake a few nights a week, not being able to sleep the rest of it either. That was my excuse. Pretty comfortable lifestyle, no worries, no deadlines, no morning meetings, no office. Just clubbing, a few projects, events and stuff.

What about now? Why the sudden change?

Maybe all the things are changing and we can’t really perceive it as something big. Or we are too lazy to take a different turn on our life road. Perhaps we are afraid of change. People reach a certain age and stick to the routine, a predictable future, a comfortable way of living.

I’m not like that, when a certain chapter in my life ends, I must begin a new and different one. I must evolve. We all do, the dull things in our life are worse than any mistake we could make. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re happy and you know it (clap your hands) you don’t have to change anything, it’s all up to you.

I’m a bit different, I like the constant change, that’s the only constant in my life. I don’t get bored and post a status on Facebook about it, I start doing something – a couple of days ago I started painting after so many years, I was a disaster, but the purpose wasn’t a piece of art, but the journey to create something else, to do something else.

In the past few years, a Sunday morning meant putting my sunglasses on and continuing the after party.

I will do that once in a while, I fucking love parties, but I will not make this a lifestyle. I’m getting older, soon I’ll be 24 and the thought scares me a bit. When I was little I had the traditional way of seeing this age, with a constant job, some boring clothes and a routine. I don’t agree with this concept of living, but I need to take my life to the next level. Breakfast in the morning, a day job and other things. Being in a new relationship changed the way I look at things now; adapting to his schedule so we could see each other, some different priorities.

I’m quite happy I have new perspectives, this doesn’t mean I will “fall” in the corporate lifestyle with work all day long, an evening drink, once a week going to the movies, once a month going to an event, settling down with one vacation a year. No, I will spice up in my own way this new path. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way. This might sound boring for the people who don’t know me, but I’m pretty sure this new stage in my life will be as exciting as the previous one.

I couldn’t help but wonder if parties, the long sleeping and my other activities were part of a routine. Are we afraid that much of growing up? Are we afraid to challenge life and to have more responsibilities? Am I the last almost 24 years old person to realize that life is something else than parties and fun?

My hobbies and my past are still a part of me, but I won’t let it rule my life. I’m taking a turn and see where it goes.