Lapin d’été

Lapin d’été by BELIV is our way to invite every woman to feel feminine again with major Retro influences and the beautiful figures that we all have. It’s our dare to be innocent and confident, to be a little girl and a fierce woman. Believe this Summer in yourselves and bring back the classy and exquisite looks.

For details please contact me.


Three quarters sleeved white mini dress created with a clean cut and circle details in a 60s perspective.


Three quarters sleeved white mini dress wrapped around the waist with nude pure details.

Puffed short sleeved white mini dress with a leather ribbon at the collar.

Puffed short sleeved white shirt with a leather ribbon at the collar and a Retro white mini skirt with leather details around the waist.


Mini dress with a touch of sunrise with a classy straight lines design.

Puffy sleeved white detailed Alice in Wonderland dress, highlighting the waist with an oversized bow.

Three quarters sleeved white mini dress with detailed collar and a back decolletage.

Short sleeved mini dress with orange lines, a cute collar and a very smooth fabric for the Summer.

Mini white dress with multicolor horizontal lines ready to wear in the office or at brunch.

A very hot long sleeved white mini dress with open shoulders for your Summerish cocktail parties.

Bronze sleeveless mini dress and a red bow belt.

Puffed three quarters sleeved top with back buttons and a white 50s skirt.

The classy duo: simple nude t-shirt and a pleated flowers printed skirt.

Carrots detailed white sleeveless top and retro red skirt.

White short sleeved t-shirt with round orange details and long wrinkled skirt with carrots handmade paintings.

Three quarters long detailed Retro white skirt and a classy shoulders creased navy top.

Long sleeved white top and white shorts with embossed carrots.

Long sleeved transparent shirt and dark navy shorts.

Hot orange short sleeved top, black manly collar and our trade mark LAPIN white Retro skirt with embossed carrots.

Short sleeved white t-shirt with embossed carrots and white shorts.

Long blouse with semi-transparent back, a detailed collar and dark navy shorts.

Geometrical 2 colors sleeveless top with back buttons and dark navy shorts.


Short sleeved white shirt with a carrots embossed incorporated tie and dark navy shorts.


Oversized shoulders yellow top with back buttons and an oversized skirt.


Hot pink long sleeved dress with oversized shoulders and a back zipper.


Classy straight lines dark navy Retro dress.


Puffed sleeves dark navy dress with detailed back decolletage and buttons.


Long 2 colors oversized dress with a sexy back decolletage .


Long sleeved blue dress with a highlighted waist and a bow in the back.


Blue shirt alike dress with big white pockets and a highlighted waist.


Alice in Wonderland blue pleated dress.