Truly & Madly in LOVE with Summer

I really am truly and madly in love with this season. I don’t mind the heat.. as long as I’m at the sea side. It should be a rule, everyone should move near the sea during Summer. Everything is better there, I don’t think I can express the feeling I have when I walk on the sand, when I lay on the beach and when I hear the waves.

But there’s something more. I don’t know about you, guys, but I have so many beautiful friends to enjoy this mix of happiness, excitement and gratitude towards the SEA. When we hang around listening to music someone asking us if we want something to drink because they’re going to the bar. Another one telling me to use some sun-proof lotion cause I’m too white and I’ll burn myself. My boyfriend forgets his shorts and lotion so he complains about it a lot (he’s really funny) but he doesn’t even swim the whole weekend (he’s the night party kind of guy.. on land). We have arguments on the beach, discussing politics (we even went to VOTE this Sunday), parties, health, other friends (a little gossip doesn’t hurt)..

The one thing we all agree is that we’re happy in that moment with each other. We miss the ones that stayed at home and we adore the ones that live in other countries, but still made it to the beach with the rest of us.

The days are long, the friendships are true and the nights are heavy.

Bottom line – It doesn’t matter where you go or how much you spend, all that matters is who you’re with! We have summer on our bodies and the sea side in our hearts.