Keeping the Summer in my phone

I know the Summer is far from being over, the temperature reminds me of this warm and lovely season, but I’m changing my stupid phone and got the pictures out, thinking you should see the beautiful moments that it captured, the beautiful friends, places, creatures..

This “photo-story” starts with the 1st of May and the awesome after Sunrise tent, my Top Shop printed leggings, the H&M ring and my two good friends Amdraci & Loredana.

Bucharest in the Summer is awful, but I know the people that makes it shine; Camy and her fluffy driver-dog and Diana Dumitrescu plus the cozy kitten I found “window shopping”.

Then comes another trip to the sea side with my lovely Stefanski and Vanessa.

I found some great things in the city like an old building, a graffiti and a butterfly, some street art, a vintage Citroen and some horses. I saw the other side of the Athenaeum and got a NEW JOB at Marsay.

Last weekend we went to Vama Veche again with our beautiful friends, ate some sea food stuff, saw the sunrise and played with the many puppies next to the place we stayed.

Now I’m in Bucharest overwhelmed by the heat, going to my favorite restaurant The Gang by the lake to enjoy the breeze, finding new Biutiful places in the Old City, acting silly with my boyfriend and taking pictures of ourselves in those photo booths at the subway, getting a new TCM bag from him, seeing new places and taking the ICE CREAM trip.