I don’t get it

– I don’t get how girls without a job or rich parents spend their time in holidays, at coffee shops, in restaurants or in clubs (OK I do, I just wanted to highlight their condition even more)

– I don’t get how girls that work out their abs at McDonald’s have the nerve to wear something like a tight short top

– I don’t get how chubby girls can wear tight clothes

– I don’t get how skinny girls with cellulite still wear mini skirts and shorts

– I don’t get how girls with boob jobs want to show the rest of us their investment each and every single time

I don’t get these things, I’m fucking busting my ass to lose weight, but I would never wear something tight now. I don’t get how every girl thinks she’s a fashionista/fashion blogger if:

– They only buy expensive things, mix it wrong and only highlight the brands

– They are skinny and think they can also model on their blogs for obscure campaigns with no budget (just to advertise the blog)

– They “love” vintage shit and wear so many different things (brooch, puffy shirt, grandma skirt, shitty shoes, handmade bags, fucking scarf  and glasses)  just to impress everyone with their unique vision on fashion – they also listen to some stupid hype music, read all the new crap and haven’t even read the classic authors yet


I’m out of ideas now, but still don’t get it.