Oh.. Hi

I don’t think I have something important to say. Oh wait! I’m sure I have nothing to say.

I was just going to bed, drinking some water, smoking my last cigarette, removing my make-up and thought I should write something here. So here it is: My unimportant post on my VERY IMPORTANT blog of course. Greetings from the midnight land where dreams happen in the morning and the alarm clock crushes them.

I’m so busy preparing the new shooting for BELIV, working at MARSAY and getting things done for The Gang. Yeah yeah yeah my dream jobs and lots of work and shit. Busy and lazy are not good together, so I must go to sleep cause I have a big day in front of me.. not sure if that’s correct. Laziness doesn’t come from being tired, not in my case anyway.

Sorry for the inconvenience with this post, here’s a lil’ something for you: