Skulls in fashion

I just posted on twitter that I’m really annoyed by all the skulls, crosses and bones trends in fashion. I thought I should have more space to express myself (140 characters aren’t enough).

The thing is I used to be a rocker teen and I wore black, skulls & everything related to it, everyone calling me a goth wasn’t disturbing, everyone looking strange at my outfits wasn’t weird either. But now when I see the same girls that used to wear lots of shiny shit, glitter, sequin, pink and flowers are wearing my favorite symbols in fashion, I’m disgusted. Phony people following trends like blind sheep.

I get if you suffered a transition, you’re now creating your personal style, but this is hilarious. You can’t ALL be that influenced!

I get that after McQueen’s death (the 1st time you’ve heard of him actually was when he died) you saw a lot of skulls in his collections and you realized how a specific detail can be adapted in so many ways.. but really now?

This obsessions with things you can’t understand.. you would be too afraid to walk into the Paris Catacombs, you have no idea what skulls represent to some cultures.. NO! you’re just following a trend. It’s cool to wear a leather jacket and a skull printed t-shirt.

This is the perfect example of manipulation and misleading people. Go on, wear your shit, you’ll be back to your true nature once this trend passes.

I’m not claiming this idea of fashion, I’m just really related to it and it pisses me off to see all of you shallow people wearing it with pride without any personality.