Autumn ideas – pret a porter

The cold season is now showing its true nature with the low temperature, the often precipitation and the leafs carpet on the streets. We’ll have to adopt our wardrobe with less money, I say. We can be chic and spend less, we can wear our style out in the Autumn and keep our savings for a journey, a fancy dinner or an expensive item we always wanted.

These are my suggestions for a classic personality and a bohemian rock chic.

H&M jacket – £39.99

Topshop sleeveless shirt – $30.00

H&M skirt – £7.99

Zara wedges boots – $60.00

Asos envelope – $23.28

H&M collar – £14.99


Topshop studded sweater – €67.96

Topshop black top – €25.89

Topshop skirt – £45.00

Zara boots – $99.90

Asos envelope – $23.28

Asos cat face ring – $13.80