Lapin d’Hiver by BELIV

The main reason of fashion started to be the definition of one’s status, the clothes were a statement of one’s power to control and fascinate as well.
In the past fashion was highlighted based on gender, sexuality and status, nowadays it’s all about expressing the bondage between the inner self, the body and the correlation with the nature through the fibers and recreation of the living creatures.
The clothes are an extension of our mood and the official everyday dress code.
The new collection Lapin d’Hiver by BELIV expresses those features exactly, a bridge between the seen and the unseen, the reality and the illusion, the clothes create the continuity of the body, because it is an extension of the mind and heart.
We’re going back to the nature, back to basic needs and by creating that link between what we wish for and what we show, we’re getting closer to our true self.
The flowing fabrics in contrast with the asymmetrical and straight lines, the nature inspired colors and the bold red and black combinations are the things that define the fierce, yet innocent woman. It’s all about the free spirit that continues its transformation. It’s all about you!