MAC experience

A couple of days ago I went to MAC for a complete make-up and to buy a few products I needed. My dear friend Andreea Vilau completely changed me with a simple make-up and recommended what foundation should I use, what powder, etc. The thing is I’m too white and I never find my real colors in other brands, but I must say I’m pretty excited about the result.

She even told me how to apply some things, what’s the effect on my face and made my face-chart so I could remember what she used, where she used it so I could do this at home by myself.

So I had a couple of things but I needed more, so here’s my personal MAC collection:

The Studio sculpt foundation (NW15) and the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural face powder.

The Iridescent Powder for luminous upper cheeks and my classic (I had it for so long, it’s great, completes my look and lasts forever) Studio Finish Concelear.

My oldie, but goldie Powder Blush and my all time favorite lipstick, Russian Red.

She took a couple of pictures of me, but all I have by this time is one I took with my crappy phone, so the result was the following: