Midnight style snack

Every blogger that writes for the views (aka advertising) knows that at night your audience doesn’t exist online so it’s useless to post anything. Well, I’m doing this for myself (this sounds rather kinky) and for you, lil’ late workers and bored keyboard people (again, someone like me).

I’ve been thinking on how a person’s look evolves (in a fortunate situation) and where’s the starting point & the finish.

I’m talking about the ages of every style. When we’re young, we don’t have a word in this matter, maybe this doesn’t apply to the spoiled brats independent kids. Let’s talk about the average situation. So, when we’re little we are not able to express a sense of fashion of our own because.. we’re little and we can barely talk, play properly or draw.

The fun part comes when we’re teenagers and we’re extreme about everything. When I was in middle & high school I wore BLACK, skulls, Guns’n’Roses t-shirts, converses, spikes, leather & all that crap (you know, what everyone is wearing these days). So I kept thinking this is my fashion style for life. No high heels, no fancy clothes, no dresses.. just a rebel scent of black and a badass image. I thought I’m smart enough to be accepted as I look and I shouldn’t obey any dress code.

As I grew older I got both bored of my image and interested in some alternatives. I fancy the high heels and the feminine shit I used to ignore when I was a teenager, so everything is completely changed. We have to adapt ourselves in order to survive and to escalate socially. In collage I started to mix the styles and started to create my own, as I discovered something more on the internet and fashion stores were opening with lower prices..so fashion was available for everyone.

As a completely different thing, I never liked dressing with the same outfits as the store-models. Let’s have some creativity and highlight our best features, not copying some stylist who combined a shirt, a blazer and a skirt.

Now let’s get to another subject..

What’s the deal with aging and getting our look. The one that stays with us most of our life.. the one which people identify us with. There are  people that dress based on their job and keep that style in their private time as well. You all know that person that wears suits at work and in their free time they keep the same business figure. Or that woman who’s job is serious and you never see her raving in some weird places, wearing outrageous clothes.

There are the exceptions, the ones who dress business for their job and in their free time they go crazy with their looks.

But there’s a pattern despite these two situations.

At what age do people get along with one style that fits them and stays with them for decades (again, despite the change of trends, the style remains)?

leonardo di caprio

When do we decide that we love so much shirts and they’re 50% of our dressings? When do we figure that floral dresses are so great that we adapt them to every social event?

I have to admit that I haven’t found my style yet and I’m 24. I still dress smart casual for work, crazy ass punk in my spare time, I can be both classy and weird, depends on the place I go. I have a wide variety of clothes and I couldn’t decide now: OK this is what I’m going to wear from now on, this style fits me best, this look goes great with my personality, my career and my lifestyle.


So.. what do you think? Do you have some guidelines? Something that covers your needs and personality? Something that you find yourself buying over and over again?