Being an outgoing person and wanting to express myself through clothes, made me figure that all these mass-brands aren’t good enough for me.
Ok, I’ll wear a top from H&M or a a pair of trousers from Zara, but I’ll never “steal” a look from their suggestions. Everyone else seams to do so.

I’m not trying to send that “I’m different” bullshit message, I’m just interested in new things and what’s better than having custom made clothes and accessories?

The prices aren’t that high, I’m not saying – go to a designer and pay your whole rent for a dress or some shoes, but you can really find awesome stuff at your local new boutiques / fashion shops / rising designers and the quality is way better.

So when it comes to clothes, I can always rely on BELIV – the girls there have awesome ideas and great fabrics, they work really good and they accept my suggestions. Also, a very important thing is that they will recommend outfits based on your figure, colors based on your skin tone and hair color, designs based on the place you’ll wear that outfit at.



A very big deal for me are the shoes – predictable, right?

I don’t wanna wear the same shoes as everyone else and even more, I want comfortable shoes! Last week I discovered Cathias Edeline and her amazing shoes & bags. You can choose a model and accessorize it, you can choose the colors and you will feel great, walk for hours in a pair of wedges or high heels. (plus she’s having massive sales)