No hard feelings

This is the way everything goes around these days. I keep saying bad things about/to people and add the *no hard feelings* shit right away.

The thing is I am getting sick of too many things, too many people.. my anti-social mode is ON. I guess it all started with my own issues, but overall I am living the life I want, working, bothering a few, taking care of my own shit.

All the drama created with these social media websites is pissing me off tonight. We cannot stand the fashionistas that post everything on their profiles, we hate the retarded people who have strong oppinions and cannot even spell or talk right, we do not agree with the people that fill our newsfeed with happy thoughts, quotes and shit like this. Or is it just me?


When someone is bothering us with their oversharing, with their designers clothes photographed or their stupid rutine highlighted as a big deal.. well.. that is really disturbing. I think we live some strange times, we see people we don’t like way too often, we see their shit all over the internet and we meet them everywhere. Before this social media crap, when we wanted to gossip or we couldn’t stand someone, we had a few opportunities to relate to them, now they’re everywhere.


How can we escape these feelings – that have nothing in common with envy, that don’t make us ‘haters’ – without giving up our own shit? We can’t just close all our accounts and run into the wild, we can only

ignore them – most of the time – and go crazy every now and then. That’s my rule!


So in the end, nothing else matters.

It doesn’t matter that they have better things than you do, that they think going out for a coffee is a big event worth a photoshooting, that they seem to have money to go out anytime – yeah, you’re all whores, you don’t work a day and you think I’m a fool who can’t figure out how you can afford all that crap?

I’m gonna mind my own business, until I go ON and ON again about the over-sharing bitches and shit. Pardon my French.

Until then, I have work to do and goals to accomplish. So from now on till next time: