Sunday’s epiphany

I should write more often.

I should expand my area.

I should do this for me. And for you, because you’re over 3600 on Facebook and I wanna show my gratification for every like I’ve got.

Because you’re interested in what I post and you like some links, some quotes, some pictures.. You used to like the articles as well but what’s there to like when there’s nothing that impresses me in real life? If I wasn’t inspired to post anything.. What can I do? Type some shallow words, post some pictures and that’s it?

Even though I never bring up important topics, I create each and every one of them from my heart.

And I take time to write, select photos, show you some cool things and share with you little parts of me.

But I’m finally getting over all the shit my life has been for the past year and put it together now. I’ve always been happy with my jobs (as you well know) and I’ve been working hard for the two places I adore in Bucharest (The Gang Summer Place & The Story).

I have new colleagues, new tasks and new targets and I feel more confident and even more focused to make everything right.

Also I’m on this diet for a few days now (that’s something.. and I plan to be a skinny bitch from now on, not just a bitch) – I know, I should have been dieting a couple of years ago or something but fuck it, better late than never, anyway I’m AWESOME 🙂

So I’ll be back with new things, I want to change the “face” of SashaLondon and buy the domain, add some interesting features and be in touch with y’all. Of course I have some fashion-related news for you as well, so stay tuned.

My project with BELIV is growing and you’ll see new and amazing things – CHIC is the keyword. I’m really getting involved more than ever because something truly unique is going to happen.

Also I have to find a proper “ending signature” to send my regards on the blog. Any ideas?

the best is yet to come