Summer time sadness

I just installed the WordPress app for my phone, just to be closer to you.
I feel like sharing a lot more than I used to and telling you more about my stuff.

The fucked up shit is that I care, even if it seems that I don’t.. I really do.
And when I care too much, I tend to create all of these scenarios in my head and have expectations from others.

I said it more than a few times that I wanna move to London, start over, meet new people, experience something else and get out of my comfort zone in order to find myself.
That would be great.
It’s not easy when you think about it. All the paperwork, saving money ahead so I wouldn’t go there broke, searching for a job, leaving all my friends, forgetting all my habits and passing by everything I worked on here.
But that’s a risk I’m willing to take because I feel I can move forward with my life and accomplish many beautiful things.

That’s not the point.
The thing is my comfort zone and all the shit I do for 10 years now.
I’m going to miss the most my view. I adore my balcony, smoking a cigarette out there, seeing the Parliament and all the churches, hearing every footstep on the sidewalk at night, enjoying the silence and the refreshing wind.


Overall I’ll miss the little things that makes me what I am.
Rewind the past years and restart. That’s kinda hard but I’m willing to do so.
For a better future. The best is yet to come.