Those little things

After 4 days in a row of staying at home (all freakin’ weekend long included) I got thinking about the past few months.
So I’m disappointed about some work related stuff and bad collaborations, but whatever. And then I started to feel so much better when I decided to power on the diet (and I still feel great and will look better – ok, I’m awesome in any shape), but I wanna reach my high point..


The thing is only I can compensate the flaws in my life. I can’t control everything around me, but I can find things that will make me feel better. Like this pool party I’m throwing on Thursday – The Heat vol II


So dress up nice đŸ™‚


But keep up in mind to feel good about yourself.


Be patient and listen to other people. Learn from their experience.


Act a bit vain and trust yourself and this comes from ME. I’m not cheesy and optimistic but fuck it, without some power display and good jokes, all of this shit is worthless. Find yourself and love yourself (you can take that as you please).


Do it your own way and if you don’t agree, just..