So I posted something recently on my Facebook profile and it got out of hand without my knowledge. Well I didn’t want people to react that much, I always say stuff like that but a certain share from a famous friend of mine got all the attention.
The thing I said regarding the woman’s condition in today’s society, in my age group is certain, at least here in Romania.
The way I see things, the way my mother always says to me is to live an ordinary life. To have a 9-18 job, have a husband, obey more and go on till my days are over.


I’m pretty sure I can do better. I’ve experienced things she hasn’t. I’ve lived in an era that constantly changes and I’m attracted to many interesting things, why settle when I can do better?
I may be as cheesy as every other girl, but I’m creating my own universe, I don’t expect for prince charming to come and make all my dreams come true. Of course I believe in soulmates and I wish to find that one true love, but does love mean only marriage and all the boring things I saw in my family?
Cooking the same food, doing the same things, being bitter, not enjoying life at its full potential?

If I want flowers, I go out and buy some fucking flowers, that doesn’t mean I don’t like it when I receive some from someone special.


And if I want to create my dream house in an unconventional way, if that makes it feel like a home, why judge? I judge your admiration for the tv, I’m judging the way you forget to enjoy in a spot you find relaxing in your house, where you can just think, read a book, have some time to yourself.


I love smoking a cigarette, listening to Nick Cave and thinking of different things, not as a loner, but what the hell, I’m a great company (yeah, I’m gemini, not insane).


And yes, I have different goals for myself, if you didn’t want me to judge your way you shouldn’t have criticised mine. Now all the frustration was pouring from people I’ve never met in my life.
How can you say that’s sort of wrong to live like that? It’s not, it’s just not what I want for myself.


I have my flaws, I have many weaknesses, I have my own frustrations, but I’m living the life I wanted to live. I’m learning something new everyday, I’m not stuck in the same routine. It doesn’t always work out nicely, but at least they’re my mistakes.


I’m no one to give anyone advices, I’m writing shit on my Facebook, I’m writing how I feel and I’m showing you what I like on this blog, it’s not mandatory to read it, to comment, to get involved.
It’s just a different point of view, that doesn’t make it right or wrong.